Friday, August 1, 2008

Amazing California Trip!!

So...Ryan got this brilliant idea to go on a family trip before he started his training for his new job! We began our trip by going up to Big Bear Lake in California with my in-laws. We stayed a week...hanging out...enjoying the weather...going for walks...kayaking...watching movies and playing games. It was a ton of fun! We, Ryan, Brigham, and I, drove to San Francisco and stayed a week there exploring the city...doing and seeing as much as we could in the short time we were there. We then traveled to Temecula, CA where Ryan has cousins. We stayed with them for about 5 days and enjoyed being with them. One day while we were there Ryan and I were able to go to the Redlands Temple which was about 45 minutes away. It was beautiful as is all temples we have been able to visit. We also spent a day at Disneyland/California Adventures. Ryan has a good buddy that was able to hook us up with some free passes...thank you!! We ended our trip by driving to Pinetop, AZ and spending 4th of July weekend with my in-laws. This is definitely a trip that will be unforgettable...wonderful memories to have and cherish!! : ) The pictures below are all from our FANTABULOUS trip!! : )

4th of July weekend in Pinetop, AZ

It was so much fun being up in the mountains...the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed playing"schlappi rook"...settlers and enjoying the outdoors!
Brigham loves to sit on top of his daddy's shoulder and have him bounce up and down!
Brigham loves playing on the playground! :(|)

Disneyland & California Adventure!! : )

Brigham couldn't be happier!! : )
Ryan and Brigham on the playground at california adventures!
California Adventures...we had a blast!!

Redlands Temple!!

Redlands Temple...beautiful!!

Ryan and I were able to do an endowment session at the Redlands Temple while we were on our fun vacation!!

San Francisco Highlights!!

Japanese Tea Garden...Brigham sure loves his daddy!!
Japanese Tea Garden with our fun matching San Francisco shirts!
Ryan splurged and took us to a fancy Italian restaurant. Brigham loves to make noise by pounding his hands on the table so we would try to distract him by having him show us his muscles. He is so cute!
We enjoyed every bite of our the time we were able to get the waiter to take a picture...we had cleared our plates! : )
We could not leave San Francisco without visiting Ghirardelli Square AND we could not leave Ghirardelli until we at least tried something. : ) We decided to get their HUGE cookie, caramel, hot fudge was heaven! Brigham is our little ice cream boy...Ryan and I got one bite for every 3 or 4 that he would have.
This is the Aquarium at the Bay located on Pier 39. Brigham loved looking at all the different shapes, colors, and sizes of the fish, sharks, starfish, etc.
If you can not tell from the picture...we are walking in an underground tunnel with the fish and sharks swimming above and around us. The little white dots are thousands of fish that Brigham would try to touch not realizing there was glass in the way!
Ryan and Brigham riding the carousel on the Pier.
Brigham loves watching birds so I decided to throw some gold fish on the ground to have a bird that was close by come a little closer. Little did I know that shortly after I threw the gold fish about 40 more birds decided they wanted some too.
This is Lombard Street known as the crookedest street in San Francisco!
We went on a Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. As we were leaving the dock...we passed the famous seals by Pier 39.
Golden Gate Bridge!

We are at the top of the Coit Tower. Just to get to the have to climb up 345 stairs that are at a steep incline. It may not sound too bad but when you have a little guy to's a lot harder than you think! : )
Chinatown...we got some pretty sweet bargains!! A fun place to visit!!

Close Encounter!!

Brigham enjoyed finding, chasing, and playing with the squirrels. Ryan and I were amazed at how close these squirrels would come.

Golden Gate Park...Botanical Garden!!

Me and Brigham
Daddy and Brigham
The Garden was beautiful and we only got a glimpse at what was all there.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Bear Lake

Ryan, Brigham and I went on a week vacation to Big Bear Lake with my in-laws. Brigham made a new best friend with this bear that was outside of our room. Every time we would pass the bear...he would want to touch and feel it.
Picture Perfect! : )
Brigham's newest trick...we ask him to show us his muscles and this is the face we get! Brigham definitely loves attention and will show us his muscles over and over to hear everyone laugh...he is so adorable!!
We sure enjoyed our trip to Big Bear was gorgeous and the weather was perfect compared to the Mesa heat! Thank you Mom and Dad for a wonderful trip!!
You can never eat too many strawberries...MmmMmm!! : )